Consulting & Design, Digital Signage in New York, NY

Breaking Ground Digital Signage Deployment

Breaking Ground is one of New York's leading nonprofits supporting homeless and low-income individuals. They wanted to install digital signage across 20 of their locations in New York City to better engage their employees and clients.

The Challenge

  • Needed a way to distribute updates and information organization-wide
  • Wanted to showcase their mission, programs and stories
  • Had limited staff resources to manage and update content

Our Solution

  • Implemented a centrally managed digital signage network
  • Installed commercial displays in 20 locations throughout NYC
  • Provided intuitive CMS for easy content creation and updates

The Benefits

  • Ability to share information and stories site-wide
  • Engaging visual medium to tell their brand story
  • Simple, efficient content management

The Results

  • Enhanced internal communications and awareness
  • Educated and inspired clients and stakeholders
  • Signage content kept fresh and relevant