Consulting & Design, Security Cameras & Monitoring in Newark, DE

Newark Day Nursery Security Camera Installation

Newark Day Nursery is a child care facility in Newark, DE that was looking to enhance their security and monitoring capabilities with a new surveillance camera system.

The Challenge

  • Needed eyes on more areas, including play areas and parking lot
  • Existing old analog system provided poor visibility
  • Lacked integration for easy remote viewing

Our Solution

  • Installed a new 4-camera IP surveillance system
  • Positioned cameras to view entrance, playgrounds, parking and more
  • Enabled remote access via secure cloud portal

The Benefits

  • Clear, detailed visibility of all high priority areas
  • Remote monitoring from anywhere via phones or computers
  • Easily expand system with additional cameras

The Results

  • Staff felt increased peace of mind with improved visibility
  • Management performed regular video reviews to ensure safety protocols
  • System provides evidence if any incidents occur